5-6 Years Old Programs

  • Class Schedule
    • Thursday 4:45-6:00 Acrobatics/Ballet/Tap Red leotard
    • Saturday 10:45-11:45 (5-7 years) Tap/Ballet Red leotard

    • Monday 4:15-5:00 Hip Hop (see dress code)

Age levels are used as a guide for placing students; however, adjustments will be made for students with previous training and/or ability to advance. We will use our knowledge and experience to place your child in classes that will provide the best possible training.

  • Dress Code – If you have any questions or need recommendations on where to find appropriate attire please feel free to contact us
    • Attire
      • Red Leotard
      • Pink Convertible Ballet Tights
      • Pink Leather Ballet Shoes
      • Tan Mary-Jane Tap Shoes (if enrolled in tap classes)
      • Hip Hop: Street movement/Athletic clothes (leggings, t-shirt, sweats, etc.)
    • Hair
      • Ballet Classes: in a bun and pulled away from face
      • Other classes: Pulled back and away from face
      • Exceptions are made for students with short hair
    • A cover-up and street shoes must be worn when entering and leaving the school.
    • Please put your child’s name on clothing and shoes